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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Navitas Naturals Review

The “Navitas” in our name is the Latin word for energy.And like our name implies, our mission is to provide premium organic functional foods that increase energy and enhance health. Part of this effort is to continually search for the world’s most beneficial natural foods. Navitas Naturals is a certified organic, green business headquartered in Marin County, California.We specialize in organic functional foods, and strive to lead the industry in this expanding market. Health conscious consumers choose our nutrient-rich products because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Our premium quality “superfoods” are always free of additives and trans fats; the absence of these elements speaking to the purity and effectiveness of the products.Our company is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. We source our premium functional foods through direct partnerships with farming communities around the world. An essential part of our mission is to create economic opportunities among indigenous people in developing countries, and our support of native agriculture helps expand development of global organic farming practices.

I had the pleasure to review these power snacks. The flavors I received were: Blueberry Hemp and Cacao Goji. I brought these to work for everyone to try and to let me know how they liked them. These are bite size. Everyone told me they felt a burst of energy and revived. Each had 2 pieces (1 of each flavor). they are high in fiber so you do not want to eat too many at once. Everyone at work did enjoy them. Go visit their website. there are many flavors to chose from.

DaVinci Syrup Review

I had the awesome pleasure to review 5 full size syrups from DaVinci. The flavors included: Hazelnut, Zero calorie Cherry, Kahlua, Vanilla, and Zero calorie Chocolate. I used the Vanilla to make my favorite coffee drink. The next one i try is the Kaluhua. It is sugar free and it already has a hint of coffee flavor to it. With the winter months approaching and the holidays, these syrups are definately going to be put to good use with baking. Thank you so much DaVinci for this wonderful opportunity. You can shop their website. They have many more flavors to chose from as well as recipes. I will be ordering several holiday flavored syrups. I highly recommend them, and the best part is they have all the flavors you can possibly want and an affordable rate. Please go check them out.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Licorice Review

I had the opportunity to review licorice from licorice international. I received Black and Strawberry. I ate the strawberry and it was delicious. I gave my mother the black. She loves any and all black licorice. They came in 8oz bags. They are thick yet soft to chew. I highly recommend these. You can call them to order them or visit their website.


Friday, October 5, 2012

GlassDharma Straw Review

Since March of 2007 GlassDharma has been producing glass drinking straws. The GlassDharma mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic.
When I received these to review I was skepticle at first because I thought they would be too delicate and would break easily. I followed a coconut/pina colada recipe from their blog and put the glass straws to use. I am truly a fan of these now. Never judge a book by its cover. I use my glass straws everyday. They are made with such awesome quality and are resiliant to bumps and dings without breaking. They also are excellent for the environment. No plastic, all glass. I will not go back to plastic straws.

  • Glass straws don’t leach toxins into your food as you drink.
  • Each time you use your glass straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in your landfill.
  • One glass straw replaces thousands of plastic straws. (How many times will you use a straw the    rest of your life?)
  • Using your glass drinking straw adds a feeling of beauty to your day.
  • Made of borosilicate tubing and is the strongest glass commercially available.
    Means that we have spared no expense in bringing you the strongest, most durable drinking straw possible.

    I recommend you go to their website and check them out. Their links are below.

    Triscuit review

    Got this full size box Triscuits in the mail. I love Trisuits. They are good with milk, coffee, or even to add cheese, fruit, cream cheese, or whatever your favorite topping is. These are whole grain. I ate some of these with cheese and apple slices. Yum Yum Yum. Thanks Triscuit.

    Monday, October 1, 2012

    Inbru Coffee Flavor Giveaway

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    Inbru Coffee Review

    I had the pleasure to review two coffee samples from Inbru. The flavors are: Mountain Hazelnut and Danish Pastry. What you do is add a pinch of these flavorings to your coffee and brew. Inbru contains no sugar, fat or calories. So you get a great taste without the extra baggage. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Each flavoring comes with a scoop, so all you do is add your ground coffee to your filter, add a scoop of Inbru flavoring, then brew. It makes your coffee even more delicious.

    Eucerin Lotion

    I received this Eucerin lotion to try out. It has an SPF 15 sunscreen protector in it. It's fragrance free and dermatologist recommended. I work outside so this is a great lotion to use. It protects you from UV exposure. It goes on a bit thick and penetrates into your skin. I like that, cause thin runny lotions do not imbed into my skin to well. I love this lotion. Thanks Eucerin.